Here's an example of collaboration. I bought a machine made print displayed in a shadow box recently from a thrift store for three dollars. That shows in the upper left. I have stretched fabric over simple used frames before (The Copper Roses of Beatty) but not a shadow box made of this hard to work plastic-wood as shown here. 

From a previous project (Raj: Our Man in India) I gave a leftover piece to the neighbors who occasionally do arts and crafts. I asked them if they could pull apart the frame, stapled in place by a pneumatic tool, and then fit my fabric to it. 

They did a great job and said it didn't take much effort. This piece is at a quality level of any home decor item you'll see anywhere, from Macy's to Marshalls. But it is also a one-off, a true, original work of art, no matter if you like the art or not. Collaboration. About 12" X 16" or 304.8 x 406.4 mm.

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