The illo above is for a specific picture frame. Using paid graphics from DepositPhotos to add to my work. As a sole proprietor, a one man business, I can use these images in any way I want. But I think I still need to print the artist's information so people will know it's not me that did the Illustrator work and that the artist still owns the copyright.
Work in progress for Goldfield Days in Goldfield, Nevada next week. (Notice how I spelled railroad wrong.) I have great difficulty with title bars. I can't make my text readable unless I place them in an existing background. Very frustrating. I've done a number of promotional posters for town members. This building is called "The Stop" and it is an event center run by the woman you see in the sky to the right. I'll be selling private commissions but I am there mainly to trial my green screen video work.

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