New for 1963 and 1964. Part of a larger project targeting the Corvette market. This is an original poster design that I made from old book photos (all half-tone screened, of course,) and internet scrapes. Still, it works.Yes, Billy Mitchell was wearing an entirely red suit, probably to promote this vehicle of his which became known as "the little red Corvette".  24" X 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44cm) on heavy bond paper. Photo taken of the work in a frame with an acrylic shield.
The screen capture above presents better. This is without any layers. I'm experimenting with layers below. A cream color might be nice since white is so harsh. But it is tough to compare with white for boldness.
Now, does this layer add interest or take away interest? You can let me know.
Different car oriented layer. The border is from a Mid-Century Modern clip art book. I suspect it was done in Illustrator. What I would like to explore more of is a blend of vector and raster graphics. Since I do not know how to do vectors, I would be excited to collaborate with someone who is. Thanks!

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