I bought a digital download photograph of Françoise Hardy in 1966 on the set of the film Grand Prix. This is a famous photograph which you will often see on the net. I then did some colorizing to the originally monotone image, not striving for perfection since I "posterize" what I find, not trying to be in the photographer's camp. 

I then used a background I had developed earlier for another artwork: my take on paint-by-numbers. You can see this in my gallery and I've provided a screen shot here. I then added that background onto the book she is carrying, as if she is using my weird world to show her around. I think she has a Minox but my Dad had a "spy camera" Minolta back in the day that looked similar.

Brown is a tough color to work with. Not much "oomph" but I like it here. Fashion adviser John Malloy once said that he never saw an IBM executive wearing a brown suit except once. What saved that man from IBM's strict code requiring blue, black or gray? Malloy said it was a really nice brown suit.

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