Collaboration Proof of Concept
I bought a small print from a local artist named Rachel D'Orofrio. A blueish looking tiger she had done in colored pencil. She suggested a backdrop of dry grass but I think she confused her tiger for a lion for a moment. The lion is a creature of the open and dry Savana, the tiger the king of the jungle and its riotous growth. 

On my studio wall I have this extremely gaudy oil on canvas. A work I bought at at thrift store, machine made, awful looking and yet compelling. I added that background to the blue tiger. I then downloaded the image to my phone and used Photoshop Camera to experiment. A cyanotype looked great and so I sent the image back to my desktop.

From there it was a matter of printing a draft on cheap paper. The image did not have the shine or gloss that I wanted. I tried increasing the vibrancy in Photoshop but Mr. Tiger did not cooperate. I played some more with curves and saturation and got the lines of the tiger to show better and got the paper to resemble a parchment color. I then printed it out on HP Photogloss paper. And then, another thrift store frame.

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